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Brownie Vs Cake: What’s The Difference?

Everyone loves a good brownie and a good cake!

However, very few people know the difference between them. After all, even restaurants sometimes sell a cake affirming that it is a brownie and vice-versa. Is there any difference at all? If so, what is it?

Well, a brownie is made of a lot of chocolate. A lot of chocolate. And every brownie needs to have chocolate in its recipe. However, not every cake needs to have it. Cakes can have a lot of different flavors. And they don’t necessarily need to have chocolate on them.

Every brownie is a type of cake, but not every cake is a brownie. Are you still confused? Don’t worry! It is a bit hard to differentiate them since they are so similar and both have almost the same ingredients.

If you want to know more about brownies, cakes, pastries, and fudges, keep on reading.

The Real Difference Between Brownie And Cake

I’ve said before that a brownie is a cake, but they are something between a cake and a cookie, actually. They are crunchier than normal cakes and have a dense texture.

The main thing about a brownie is that it is made of chocolate. Therefore, when you are talking about brownies, there is not enough chocolate.

Brownies are cut in a different shape as well, generally squares. It has a rough and cracked top. There is a version of brownie that does not have chocolate in its recipe, which is called blondi. It is made of vanilla and it is white.

Usually, brownies are made of eggs, sugar, flour, chocolate, cocoa powder, and butter. But some recipes add nuts or even choc chips to the basic mixture.

Brownies don’t need to have leavening agents, since most people don’t like fluffy brownies. But, if you want to, you can add baking soda or baking powder. Brownies can be served alone or with complements like vanilla ice cream, espresso, etc.

A cake is a confectionery treat that comes in multiple shapes and flavors. It can be round, square, made of nuts, chocolate, vanilla, lemon, orange, and many more.

Generally, a cake is a centerpiece in many celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings, and some holidays. Most cakes are made of flour, butter, sugar, eggs, and a raising agent.

The flavor can be added through powders, like cocoa powders, or fruits essences/juices. Cakes are modifications of bread, and some types of cakes are even known as bread.

Cakes can be decorated in many different ways, but it mostly has icing and sugar decorations as decorations. Some types of cakes are sponge cakes, pound cakes, cheesecake, chiffon cake, birthday cake, mud cake, and more.


Brownie Vs Cake: Comparison Chart

  • It’s something between a cake and a cookie;
  • Chocolate is the main ingredient;
  • Is very dense and crumbly;
  • Is cracked on the top;
  • It can be served with ice cream, whipped cream, or espresso;
  • It is made of flour, butter, chocolate, cocoa powder, and eggs.
  • A type of sweet bread;
  • Flour is the main ingredient;
  • Is very light and fluffy;
  • It can have icing or not;
  • It is usually served on ceremonial occasions such as birthdays and weddings;
  • There are infinite numbers of cakes’ types and flavors;
  • It is made mainly of flour, butter, sugar, eggs, and leavening agents such as baking powder;

Difference Between Brownie And Fudge

I get confused by this all the time. Is there any difference between brownie and fudge? Is fudge a type of brownie? Are brownies fudges? These are questions that need to be answered so I can keep on living.

Well, brownies are not fudges! Believe it if you can! Fudges are denser and softer, having a similar texture to cream cheese. Also, you don’t need to bake fudges.

Just melt some chocolate and condensed milk in a pan, then add ingredients of your liking such as nuts, cookies, cacao nibs, dried fruit, peanut butter (if you want to). Finally, transfer this mass into a bowl and leave it in the fridge overnight.

Fudges have an intense flavor that can be a little bit richer than brownie’s flavor. Also, fudges can be sweeter.

Difference Between Brownie And Pastry


A pastry is a dough mostly made of flour, water, and some kind of fat, like butter or lard. It can be savory or sweetened. The pastry is not a specific dish, but a type of dish with a very big diversity.

Some cakes are pastry. The French word pâtisserie is used in English for this kinda food, but in France, this word has a different meaning.

“Pâtisserie” means anything made of dough, but especially sweets. Generally, pastry has a higher fat content than bread, which contributes to a crumbly or flaky texture.

An excellent pastry is light, airy, and fatty, but it is firm enough to support the weight of the filling. There are a lot of diverse techniques to make a pastry. Every country in the world has its own way of making pastry.

Some known pastry types are shortcrust pastry, which is the simplest and most common type of pastry. It is mainly made of flour, butter, salt, fat, and water to bind the dough. It is normally used in tarts; puff pastry, known as pâte feuilletée, is a pastry that expands when cooked due to the number of layers.

Butter is basically the main ingredient in it; the flaky pastry is a very simple pastry that also expands when baked. It is very similar to puff pastry; choux pastry, which is used to make éclairs and profiteroles; filo, also known as phyllo, which is a paper-thin pastry dough; and, finally, the hot water crust pastry, used for savory pies like pork pies and more.

A pastry is as necessary for humankind as bread and cakes. If you want to know more different types of pastry, just keep on searching. Maybe look for the Oriental types of pastries.

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