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Coat Vs Jacket: What’s the Difference?

When shopping, we often can be disguised by the article names. And some articles can be so similar that we have a hard time differentiating them. That is the case with coats and jackets. They may be similar but are not the same, and you will learn why.

They are both clothing articles for the upper part of the body. And they can be made for different weather conditions, but what sets them apart?

The main difference is in their length. Jackets are made to go down to hip or waistline, while coats are longer – they can go low as thighs or knees.

Coat Vs Jacket: Comparison Chart

You may think “well that is that I know how to make a difference between a coat and a jacket”, but you are wrong there. There are other differences that are more subtle than I will show and learn from you.

Coat Jacket
Knee or thigh-length Hip or waist length
Worn over other clothes It can be worn over clothes, or under a coat
Made for winter or colder autumns and springs All-weather

Below, you will learn other interesting facts about these garments, what features they share, I will answer some FAQs about them, and all in all, you will have fun while learning!

What Is A Coat And What Is A Jacket?

To be able to understand what makes them different we should first discuss how we can define a coat and a jacket. Each has its own attributes that made them a distinctive part of the wardrobe for a long time now.

A jacket is made as a garment for the upper body that goes to the line of the hips.

It is worn over other clothes, like shirts and t-shirts, but it is not always made for colder weather. If it is not summer or spring, a jacket is worn under a coat or some other warm piece of clothing.

It is common as a part of formal wear and it shows that you can be stylish even in a business meeting. It can also be combined within a more laid-back outfit combination paired with a t-shirt and jeans.

The adaptability of a jacket made it an important part of men’s and women’s wardrobe for so long, and from the looks of things, the jacket is not going anywhere.

There are many coat models. Some are thinner and made for colder springs and autumns, while others are made for winters, with low temperatures and snow that come with it.

But two things are always sure when it comes to a coat: it is worn on top of other clothes, and it is longer than a jacket – it can be made in a thigh or knee-length.

A coat usually comes with a combination of a zipper, belt, and buttons.

They sometimes even got it all, if it is an all-weather coat and it needs to keep the temperature for some time. A great thing about coats is that they can be worn with almost anything including a shirt, sweater, turtleneck, or even a jacket.

A lot of models, colors, sizes, and lengths make a coat a perfect part of the outfit, either a formal or a laidback one. It has a long history, and with adjustments made all the time, it will stay with us for a long time.


FAQ About Coats And Jackets

Q: What makes a jacket a jacket?

Usually, a jacket has sleeves and it is fastened on in the front, or in some cases slightly on one side. It is almost exclusively made to fit a hip or waistline.

A jacket can be sleeveless but then it is called a vest. Depending on a model, a jacket is made to be fashionable and light, but in other cases, its main purpose can be to be a protective part of the garment.

Q: What is the difference between a coat and a sweater?

A sweater is easy to distinguish from a coat because it is made out of knitted material. In most cases, it is not zipped and is pulled over the head.

In contrast, the coat either has a zipper, buttons, or both. Further, a sweater is used in cold weather to provide extra warmth, and it can be worn under the coat. Sweaters are popular because they come in different models – can be fashionable or classic.

Designers can play with different colors and patterns. So, you can really stand out from a crowd when wearing a well-designed sweater.

On the other hand, a coat is always worn over other clothes. And their main purpose is to protect them from the cold weather, rain, or snow.

A coat can be made for harsh weather. Or as a fashionable part of the clothing style, which makes it an all-time favorite piece of autumn-winter clothing.

Q: What is the purpose of jackets?

The great thing about jackets is that they come in different variants with different purposes. There are classic jackets that you can wear as a part of formal attire. And then there are jackets made for a laid-back style combined with some casual pants and sneakers.

But there are also jackets for specific situations. Do you want to wear a jacket in the colder weather, or when it rains or snows? No problem, there are special jackets made for harsher weather.

You can even find jackets if you want to go skiing. Jackets are made for multiple purposes, and that is what makes them so great and evergreen.

Q: Is a parka a coat or a jacket?

Parka can be made in different variants, but mostly it is in a form of a coat. It can be distinguished from a coat by its hood outlined with fur.

Just as coats, parkas are made for colder weather, but parka goes one step beyond a regular coat. It is usually longer than a regular coat, and it is made out of waterproof material, so it is mostly used during cold winters to protect from chilling winds and snow.

There is also a parka jacket, which is shorter than a coat. However, it is still used to keep a person warm. All this is no surprise because the origin of a parka comes from the cold Arctic.

Q: What is the difference between a jacket and a hoodie?

The main difference between them is how are they worn. A hoodie is pulled over the head, while a jacket has buttons or a zipper on the front.

Another big difference can be guessed from the name – hoodie. A hoodie always has a hood that can be used as a cover from rain, wind, or snow.

Q: What are the differences between a coat, a jacket, and a blazer?

As I already mentioned, the coat is a long garment with more protective attributes.

A jacket, on the other hand, can be used in many variations. But usually as a part of a formal or more laid-back style, and then comes the blazer.

Blazer is made back in the 19th century for a navy captain, as a part of the uniform. Originally it was made in navy blue color, but now there are many colors to choose from. A blazer is considered to be less formal than a jacket, and it can be thanks to his casual tailoring.

A jacket has more rounded shoulders, while a blazer has unstructured and softer shoulders. It is easier to wear them and can be used as a part of everyday combinations.


Today I covered a topic of fashion and ware, with the hope to bring closer some distinction into wardrobes that are commonly treated the same.

There are differences between coats and jackets. And they come in different variants. They will remain a part of every style because they are so easy to combine in many styles.

I hope you enjoyed and learned something new. I wish you well until our next reading.

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