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Castle vs Palace: What’s the Difference?

Both are grand and majestic. It may seem they have the same purpose, but if you pay attention to details, and take a look at the past, you will find a couple of major differences between castles and palaces. But don`t worry, you will not need a history class to tell the variations, just stay with us till the end of the article.

You may ponder for quite some time, and still not find the answer to the question, what is the difference between the castle and the palace? There is quite a few, and here are the things that distinguish them:

Castles are built for the defense of the king, queen, and the inner city. It is well fortified with added moats, gates, walls, and towers. Usually inside the walls is also a military garrison or a barrack. On the other hand, palaces were built to show the wealth of the rulers. They would hold banquets, balls, and other ceremonies in their finely decorated rooms and halls.

When building a castle, the ruler wanted to show a sign of superiority. Well-protected castle almost said “Try and mess with me. You will break the teeth on these walls.”

The palace had a completely different purpose. With rich decorated halls you would show your guests your power and wealth. You wanted everybody to know that you are rich and powerful.

Building materials used were also different. When building a castle, you wanted it to be impregnable, so the walls and other parts of the fortifications were built with stone or brick.

Different purposes of the palace also required different materials. So, for showing royalty and wealth, commonly used materials would be marble, gold, and other expensive materials that would produce a majestic effect on every guest. Its only goal is to awe everybody.

The locations where castles and palaces were built are also different. While castles were built in Europe and the Middle East, palaces can be found all over the world.

Castle vs Palace

Castle Palace
Built for the defense Built for relaxation and show of wealth
Castles shows the signs of superiority Palaces are built to show royalty and wealth
Castles are built from stone and brick Palaces are built from marble and gold
They were built in Europe and the Middle East Palaces were built all over the world

Now as you learned what are the differences between a castle and a palace, stay with us, because you will also find out what are forts, mansions, and we will answer a couple of interesting questions about these medieval structures.

Castles and Palaces Compared With Forts and Mansions

It is easy to mistake a castle for a fort because their purpose through history was sometimes shared. As we said, castles had a mixed-use. It was a protection and a home for a royal family and the upper class with their homes inside the castle.

Forts were also used as a form of defense, but it was their only purpose. There were no royalties, kings, and queens living inside the fort. It was a military structure, and it was used in most cases for a defense of a certain region.

Mansions and palaces are not that easy to mistake. Palaces were built with exquisite materials, and their main purpose is to show that the owners are powerful and they can enjoy their wealth and power.

Mansions were considered big houses. Yes, they were luxurious, but not on the same level as mansions. Materials used for building mansions were bricks and stones.

FAQ About Castles and Palaces

Did kings lived in palaces or castles?

They lived in castles and palaces. Kings in most cases had more residences, and their main one was in a fortified castle. But besides their castle, sometimes they had unfortified palaces built around their kingdom, to show royalty and wealth. Some kings liked to move around their kingdom so they built more residences for their accommodation.

What is bigger, a castle or a mansion?

A: Castles had a whole fortification around them, so they are bigger than a mansion. A mansion is just a residence, it is not made of thick walls, turrets, moats, and gates, so it is smaller in dimension when compared to a castle.

What qualifies a castle?

The easiest way to identify the castle is from its defensive structures, like a moat, towers, and walls. Inside the castle can be a barrack for the guards, a palace, and sometimes a chapel or a church. Also, you can define a castle by its defensive and protective role.

Which is the largest mansion in the world?

Istana Nurul Iman Palace in Brunei. It is used by the Brunei royal family, and its floor area is around 200 000 square meters. This gigantic structure is built-in 1984. and is divided into 1788 rooms.

Where is the largest castle in the world?

Malbork castle, with its almost 145 000 square meters in its land area is considered as the largest castle in the world. It is located in northern Poland, and it was built by the Teutonic knights in the 13. century. It is also the largest brick castle in the world. Its original purpose was to control the newly conquered province of Old Prussia.

Is Buckingham Palace considered a castle or a palace?

Buckingham Palace is the main residence of the British royal family, so it is defined as a palace. Besides it, the British royal family is also using Windsor Castle as their weekend residence.

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