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Companionship vs Relationship: What’s the Difference?

Knowing the differences between types of relationships can be lifesaving in some situations, especially if you don`t know how to behave around someone. In this article, I will cover the differences between companionship and relationship.

So how can you tell that you are in a relationship or a companionship? If you are spending some time together, talking about different topics and offering support to each other, then that is companionship. In a relationship, besides the time spent together, and support, there is love and romantic factor that makes the connection even deeper.

But there are many more things to look out for. In some cases, the difference can be hardly seen because of the nature of the connection of the people involved. Also, these terms can have different meanings for men and women, so reading the rest of the article can be helpful.

Difference Between Companionship And Relationship

You need to know what signs to look for in each of these categories. Companionship may look to you as just friends, but it is much more than that.

People can call a lot of their acquaintances friends, even when their connection is not that deep to start with. Companionship is not when you are just hanging out from time to time with someone.

You gain a companion while going through some rough times, or in other situations where your friend requires a helping hand or someone to lean onto.

Being a companion is not easy – a companion may not be someone that always agrees with you, but will be always there to give you useful advice, or even put a hand into the fire if is needed.

It can be heard that having one or two companions is enough for your whole life. Sharing that kind of a deep relationship with someone is a true gift because many don`t and will not have a single companion in their lifetime.

A relationship is a step forward into a romantic connection with someone. It is not a friendship or companionship anymore, it is a different dimension of a connection.

A real and good relationship doesn`t require a deeply emotional and though connection, but also a romantic one, that can lead to a lifetime of affection.

Depending on a case, people can enter a relationship very quickly, with little thinking about it, and just following their feelings and instincts. But also a relationship can start after a period of real companionship. There are no rules for these things.

A good and long relationship can start fast, with people having little information about each other. In some other situations, a relationship built up from a long friendship can be ended quickly and painfully.

Companionship and relationship share some characteristics, like honesty and trust between people, a gut feeling that you are in good company and that you are just where you should be.

But the biggest difference is in the romantic part. Romance is in most cases reserved for relationships, but it can be a part of companionship too.

If you are having a crush on your companion maybe it is time to take one step forward and enter a relationship. Don`t overthink it, and to start, talk with your companion about your feelings – you got nothing to lose!

Relationship Companionship
Deep emotional and sexual connection The long and strong connection that usually doesn’t include sex
Can end up in marriage It remains a deep friendship

FAQ About Relationships And Companionships

What is a companion relationship?

It is beyond ordinary friendship. Companionship is a true and deep connection between people that can last for a lifetime. Companions are always there for each other – if they need someone to talk to, cry, laugh or just sit together.

Two companions can`t be torn from each other by some petty mind games of others or by a fight. Companions talk about problems, solve them, and learn from them. With each good and bad life situation shared, they learn new things about life and each other.

They know what can expect from each other, and how to handle all those difficult talks and all sorts of problems. A tip – not being able to forgive is not companionship. We all make mistakes, but be able to measure them and know what is the line that should not be crossed. Learn to forgive, because that is the human way.

Can a companion be a lover?

Yes it can. There are cases where a deep companionship leads to a romantic connection. They can remain companions but still have intimate relations.

Those relationships should not be confused with friends with benefits. Friends with benefits is a sexual relationship without any other responsibilities to each other.

Companionship can have a sexual moment, but their connection is still much deeper than some simple sexual affair. This companionship can evolve into a full relationship or can fall apart because of numerous factors. Rarely you can see that type of relations go back to their non-sexual beginnings.

What does companionship mean to a man?

A man can develop companionship with another man or a woman. If the woman is in question in most cases that means that the man doesn`t want a romantic relationship at that moment at least.

That can change over time, but not that often. If the question is about companionship between two men, that is something different. That is the special bond that men develop.

These pals can go fishing together, watch a sports match, or talk about the deepest emotions and fears that they feel. One men companion is someone that they would do anything for, and it can be a lifetime friendship.

What does companionship mean to a woman?

A: A women’s companionship can be defined as similar to a men’s. A long, enduring, and deep connection with a female friend is something worth a lot, and a woman knows to respect that. They would do anything for their girlfriends, and those bonds are one of the strongest there is.

What is the difference between affection and companionship?

Affection is a feeling of fondness and liking, and it can be compared to companionship. They share some characteristics, but companionship is a longer and deeper feeling than affection.

You can feel affection for many people, but that doesn`t mean that you developed companionship. The feeling of affection can come and go, unlike companionship.

Having friends is the greatest treasure that everyone can have in their life. Knowing how much space can someone be in your life is important because you don`t want to spend too much time on someone that honestly doesn`t deserve it. Knowing who your true friend is is one of the most important lessons you will ever learn.


Knowing where the boundaries are is also important, and that means that you know with whom you can hang out from time to time, and who is the person who you will call in time of need.

Having a companion and a relationship is the pinnacle of life, and keeping your dear and loved ones near is essential.

Treat each other with respect, spend quality time with each other and never forget all those good and bad times, because they all build character and layer to your personality. I hope you enjoyed this one, and we will see each other soon in some other interesting read.

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