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Compassionate Vs Passionate: What’s The Difference?

The feelings have many different shapes and sides. However, sometimes we mistook them and think of them as one when they are not the same. It is important to understand the differences between them so you can understand yourself better. So, do you know what is the difference between compassionate and passionate?

These words are almost the same, but they carry distinguished meanings. Compassion is the feeling of being concerned for someone else, and passion is an intense emotion or even great enthusiasm about someone or something.

There are a lot of details that can help you to finally understand what is passion and what is compassion. If you are willing to learn, just keep on reading.

Difference Between Compassionate And Passionate

As I’ve said earlier, passion is an intense emotion that a person can feel towards an individual or a specific activity. For example, you can be passionate about cooking, or you can be passionate about the love of your life.

Overall, when we are talking about people that are passionate about other people, passion carries the meaning of an intense and hard to describe emotion.

If you ever felt passionate about someone, you can certainly recognize how it feels. Passion can fulfill your soul, even if it is only for a limited time, and it can make you happier and cheerful.

Being passionate about someone is like having the world lit up when you are with that person. You don’t exactly need to be passionate about them in a romantic way, but that is the usual.

However, when you are passionate about something, you are probably feeling great enthusiasm about it. If you like are passionate about dancing, you can feel really good while dancing, and you can even get happy just to think about dancing again.

  • Passions can last an entire lifetime or just some days. Kids are known for having changing passions, as they are discovering the world. It is important to support one’s passion, since it is something that helps them to grow as individuals, and that surely makes them content.
  • People can have multiple passions, and they don’t need to be similar: you can be passionate about traveling, cooking, dancing, writing, calculating, programming, constructing, exercising, and many more activities.

It is important to know that getting separated from something or someone that you are passionate about can – and probably will – result in extreme distress. It can affect you harshly, and it can even be triggering.

Many people feel very low when they are not able to do or to be, with something or someone that they are passionate about. Also, many people feel lost and sad when they don’t have something or someone to be passionate about. Passion is a very important feeling to us, humans, and we need to cultivate it healthy.

Compassion, as much as it sounds similar, is a different feeling. Compassion is feeling sympathetic and concerned for someone’s misery or misfortunes. Is the feeling you get when you see someone hurting, and you want to help.

So, it is when you feel touched by someone’s pain. People normally get compassionate when they see someone sick, in pain, in trouble, hungry, in poverty, unhappy, dying, and more.

Do you remember the feeling that you get when you are watching the news and you are seeing pictures and testimonials about victims of war? If you are feeling bad for these people, and if you are feeling touched by their pain, you are feeling compassion for them.

But it does not have to be always that extreme of a situation. When you are seeing your friends suffering because they can understand a subject in school, and you feel like you want to help them since you don’t want to see them sad, that is compassion as well. It is just the feeling of feeling concerned about someone that is not you.

You have a distinguished kind of love which is called “compassionate love”. This love has a higher level of intimacy, and it is all about trust, commitment, intimacy, and affection.

  • It is the feeling of feeling concerned about someone else;
  • It can show up in many situations;
  • When you are compassionate about someone, you are aware of their pain and you want to help them;
  • Compassion is related to how other people feel more than how you feel;
  • Is when you feel an intense emotion about someone else;
  • You can feel great enthusiasm about an activity or object that you are passionate about;
  • It is more related to how you are feeling than how other people are feeling;
  • It can come in different types;
  • It can last your entire life or it can fade in some days;

What Is A Passionate Person Like?

Galileo Galilei, one of the fathers of modern physics, once said that “passion is the genesis of genius”. Passion makes you anxious and energized to do what you are feeling passionate about or to be with the person that you are passionate about. It gives you energy and hope, and it makes you feel like you can do it, that the world is in your hands. It gives you confidence, at least for a while;

Overall, passion does not require expertise. It is a feeling, not a technique. You can be passionate about playing violin, but you may not know how to play the violin.

You can be passionate about dancing, but you may not be the best dancer of all time, and that is totally fine and normal. Passion gives you satisfaction when you do these things, and this is much more important than being brilliant at doing it.

Passion is something that you cannot conquer, but you can study and become better at something. Passion comes from the inside, and knowledge comes from the outside.

A passionate person feels obsessed about their passion. It does not mean that they are a stalker or something like that, but they do have a healthy obsession where their thoughts keep returning to their passion. They are excited, and they like to talk about their passions.

What Is The Difference Between Compassion And Empathy?

Basically, compassion is feeling for someone and having the desire to help. Empathy is just feeling for someone. You may be aware of someone’s pain, but maybe you don’t feel like helping them. That is okay, though.

Most people feel empathy because empathy is the ability to see yourself in someone’s shoes. It is like when you are watching a video of someone knocking their feet at something and you feel their pain.

Can You Have Passion Without Compassion?

Each person is unique and sees and feels the world differently. You can have passion without compassion since these are distinguished feelings that can exist without the other, but having compassion is a very important thing if you want to live in society.

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