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Sweater Vs Sweatshirt: What’s The Difference?

Some types of clothes are so similar that we commonly use the wrong name for them. Even people that work in the clothing market make that mistake sometimes. One of the most common mistakes is confounding a sweater with a sweatshirt. What’s the difference between them, after all?

A sweater is a knitted or crocheted upper wear commonly made of cotton, wool, or synthetic yarn. A sweatshirt is heavier, has no collar, and has long sleeves. It is made to absorb sweat.

There are a lot of details that make the difference between them very clear. If you want to know more about sweaters, sweatshirts, pullovers, jumpers, hoodies, etc, just keep on reading the article to learn more about these necessary types of clothes.

The Real Difference Between A Sweater And A Sweatshirt

As I have said before, a sweater is knitted or crocheted upper wear. Its main function is to keep you warm during cold days, especially in autumn or winter. Actually, it will help you to keep both your arms and torso warm. There are a lot of different sweater styles, so you can find a sweater that has an open front, for example.

There is a sweater for everyone’s taste. It has a dressy look, so it can be worn with a dress shirt and a tie, or as a short dress with a belt and tights.

Some celebrities made some very iconic looks with sweaters, such as Taylor Swift, Audrey Hepburn, Alicia Silverstone, Jennifer Beals, Fred Rogers, Liv Tyler, Velma (is not a real person but she has an iconic sweater fashion), Marilyn Monroe, and Diana Spencer, of course.

Sweaters are made of cotton, wool, or synthetic yarn. In the United Kingdom, a sweater is called a cardigan or jumper, so don’t worry if you see these terms.


They all mean the same type of cloth. If you are a fan of indie music, I highly recommend Taylor Swift’s folklore album. It will get you in the right mood for using a nice and cozy sweater. You can even buy the same cardigan that Taylor was using in her music video.

Sweaters are softs and elastic, and they usually make you feel very comfortable. It is a wonderful type of cloth for cold places and can be used in general situations. Also, the right cardigan will make you look well-dressed without effort. This is a very versatile piece of cloth, and can be dressed by anyone, doesn’t matter their age or gender.

Now, a sweatshirt, as the name shows, is a piece of cloth that will help you with your sweat. Most people in the United States and the United Kingdom use a sweatshirt while doing exercises, such as running. It has long sleeves and no collar

Typically, a sweatshirt is made of cotton, fleece, or polyester, and it can have a closed front or an open front, generally with zippers. Also, it can have a hood (that’s why some people call it a “hoodie”). The outer side of it is soft and nice, and the inner side has a fluffy nap which helps you to trap air and retain your body heat. All of that leads to sweating, so…

It is made from cutting and sewing patterns of knitted or woven fabrics. It is less flexible and light than a sweater. The visual difference between a sweater and a sweatshirt is very explicit, so you can easily recognize them.

Sweatshirts are also known as a jersey in the United Kingdom, and it has a casual or sporty look. It is commonly worn with sweatpants to form a sweatsuit, that way you will be well-dressed for exercises. Many athletes use sweatshirts while doing their exercise routine.

  • Is made of cotton, wool, or synthetic yarn;
  • It keeps the upper part of your body warm;
  • It is very versatile;
  • It has different styles;
  • It can be knitted or crocheted;
  • It is very light and flexible;
  • It can have sleeves or not;
  • It has a dressy look;
  • It is made to help you with your sweat;
  • Most people use it while exercising;
  • It helps to protect you from the cold while exercising on cold days;
  • It has sleeves, can have a hood but it does not have a collar;
  • The outer side is soft while the inner side has a fluffy flap;
  • It has a sporty or a casual look;
  • It is made of cotton, fleece, or polyester;

Is A Hoodie A Sweater Or Sweatshirt?

A hoodie is a common name for a sweatshirt with a hood. Some people spell it “hoody”, but it can also be known as a hooded sweatshirt. One of the first evidence of a hood is the monk’s clothing in Medieval Europe. They would attach a hood called a “cowl” in their tunic or robes.

In the United States, is known that the workers would use a hooded pullover during the cold day in New York warehouses in the 1930s. The term hoodie started to be used for almost everyone in the 1990s, so it is a bit recent.

Hip hop culture developed in New York City is a major reason why hoodies are so popular, even in places that are not as cold as the north of the United States.

The 1970s were an important period of time for the hoodie industry. After all, we all have seen the iconic Rocky scene where Stallone jumps in his hoodie.

In Canada, hoodies are commonly used under a coat or jacket in order to provide an extra layer of clothing during the winter, since the winters are especially hard in there.

Why Do The Brits Call A Sweater A Jumper?

Jumper means different things around the world but is a little hard to say why the Brits call a sweater a jumper. It makes more sense that a sweatshirt is called a jumper since it is used during exercises, while a sweater is commonly used to keep you warm during other situations.

Anyway, most researchers say that the term “jumper” comes from the French jupe, which means “skirt”, which comes from the Arabic term jubba, which is a loose outer garment. Jumpers also can be a sundress or a pinafore in the U.K.

What’s The Difference Between A Sweater, Sweatshirt, And Jumper?

A sweater is a light and flexible type of clothing that is knitted or crocheted. It is also known as a pullover, woven jacket, cardigan, and jumper.

It is designed to keep the upper part of your body warm. It is very versatile and can be used on multiple occasions. There are so many sweater styles that you certainly can find the one right for you.

A sweatshirt also keeps you warm, but its main function is to help you with your sweat. It is mostly used during exercises, and it can have a hood or not. If it does have a hood, then it is called a hoodie. It also can be known as jersey, and most sweatshirts are made of cotton.

A jumper is a name that the Brits use for a sweater, but they can also call it a cardigan.

What’s The Difference Between A Pullover And A Sweatshirt?

As the name makes it clear, a pullover is a piece of cloth that you wear by pulling it over your head. There are numerous types of pullovers, so it is a bit hard to say what is a pullover itself. It is very used during the winter and it tends to be heavier and roomier than a sweatshirt.

Overall, a pullover is a heavier type of sweater, and also less flexible. Some popular pullovers have hoods, so they can resemble a hoodie, but they are different. A pullover with a hood is much cozier and snug than a common hoodie.

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