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Twin Flame vs Soulmate: What’s the Difference?

While the idea of a soulmate is rather romanticized in today’s world, twin flames might actually have more to do with that. Or they might not…

When we overcome the barrier of sorrow found in pain, what is there more beautiful and more romantic, than two people who are united through grief and pain? They understand themselves and one another more than anyone else could. Is pain what differentiates between a soulmate and twin flame?

In the following article, I will elaborately discuss the differences between a twin flame and a soulmate, along with some other common terms. The following article also includes a small test to help you better understand whether a specific person is your soulmate, twin flame, or even possibly neither of the two!

Difference between Twin Flame and Soulmate

The main difference between the two is that twin flames are often romantic whereas soulmates are not necessarily so.

Another major difference is that finding a soulmate is based on finding a deep connection that makes you feel like this person was made for you, whereas finding a twin flame is more like finding a person who mirrors you in both strengths and weaknesses, pleasurable experiences, and painful ones.

While both soulmates and twin flames understand you, soulmates tend to complete you whereas twin flames are more likely to reflect you (hence their name!).

Twin flame and soulmate relationships can be equally amusing, beautiful, and painful. The great news is that they are not mutually exclusive – you can find both a soulmate and a twin flame in your life!

Which of the Two Is Better to Have?

While this is a rather subjective question, it would seem that a soulmate is better to have than a twin flame. A twin flame is a reflection of yourself, and having another you in your relationships is not certainly the best idea.

Where one gets easily heated and angry, the other should be calmer and more patient in order to maintain the balance and keep things under control.

If one is too wild and adventurous, it would be beneficial that the other is responsible and thinks ahead so as to avoid true hazards or disasters. That balance is not achieved through mirroring, but through mutual understanding and equilibrium.

It is for this main reason that soulmates are (debatably) better to have. Another reason is communication. Twin flames are more likely to have passed through the same trauma or bad experiences that shaped the people they have become.

That makes it exceptionally hard to have a beneficial talk since both points of view on the topic are similar. A soulmate, on the other hand, would be able to offer new insight and see things from a different light, while learning more about the case.

Thus, it is a mutualistic relationship, as opposed to twin flames that can spiral out of control and have very undesirable results.

Are Twin Flames Meant to Be Together Romantically?

Fate, if you believe in it, has no rules. Whatever happens, happens, and what will be, will be. Sometimes, it is good to have someone who reflects you.

It is only when you look at a mirror, when you self-reflect, that you can truly see who you are and make change where it is necessary. Having a twin flame makes it easier to do so, because in some way, you are reflected in your twin flame, and your twin flame is reflected by you.

For that reason, while “meant to be” is putting it a bit too strong, there are certain advantages to twin flames being involved romantically. That said, there are plenty of disadvantages to it …

What Zodiac Signs Are Twin Flames?

As you might know, astrological signs fall under four categories – fire, earth, air, and water. This alone is a good way to show the difference between twin flames and soulmates; while twin flames would normally fall under the same category, soulmates would fall in opposite ones so as to understand, accept, and complete one another. Fire’s soulmate would be water, earth’s would be air.


  • Characteristics: energetic, creative, passionate, optimistic, confident, aggressive, proud
  • Dynamic: Twin flames of fire signs would have a warm, passionate, and empowering relationship in which adventure, big dreams, and love guide their journey.


  • Characteristics:stable, calm, introspective, loyal, persevering, conservative, materialistic, realistic
  • Dynamic: Twin flames of earth signs is based on stability and mutual understanding, where the bond remains strong and the support is incessant as they guide one another through their lives.


  • Characteristics: idealistic, communicative, sociable, reflective, witty, curious, rational
  • Dynamic: Twin flames of air signs would be liberal and trusting, fueled by the desire to seek newness and interact with other cultures while maintaining each person’s individuality.


  • Characteristics:  sensitive, intuitive, imaginative, empathetic, protective, emotional, unstable
  • Dynamic: Twin flames of water signs would have a sensitive relationship, one with a deep-rooted understanding that surpasses the need for words and could be unstable at times but maintains its flow nonetheless

When we take a look at these descriptions (at least when I do) we feel that we want to have all of this. That is why it might be a good idea to explore within and without one’s own element, in order to better understand what he or she truly seeks.

How Do You Know if Your Twin Flame Loves You?

The answer to this one might disappoint you. The thing is, while certain signs can make people feel that someone feels a certain type of way about them, love is a big word, and the only way to make sure that it is there is to ask the other person.

Twin flames share multiple common traits and you liking whom you believe is your twin flame might actually mean that this twin flame likes you back.

However, people are frequently prone to “transference and reflection”, a common mistake that makes us think that a person feels a certain way about us when in reality, it is us who feel that way and we are simply transferring our feelings.

Twin flame or not, communication is key, be it to receive sure pleasure and relief, or to avoid future disappointment.

Is Your Twin Flame Necessarily Your True Love?

Most definitely not! Twin flame relationships can vary greatly, from friendship to lovers to enemies. Some people attract what they are, others attract what they aren’t.

You can believe in destiny while still believing that you will find love during the most unexpected of times, in the most unexpected of people.

Love knows no bounds, no labels, no rules, and no categories. It is not a checklist and the person who fills the most of it is the person you are supposed to love.

Twin flames are interesting; soulmates are interesting. Still, these definitions do not dictate the path of your romantic life whatsoever – you can, at best, allow them to contribute to it.

Difference between Soulmate, Twin Flame, and Karmic

Soulmate Twin Flame Karmic
Occurences Multiple Once in a lifetime Multiple
Areas Romantic Romantic or Non-romantic Romantic
Love Pure






Feeling Fulfilling






Soulmate or Twin Flame Quiz

  1. Do you feel that you have always known this person?
  2. Do you believe that you can be honest with this person about everything?
  3. Do you share a lot of common background with this person?
  4. Does this person hold your hand no matter what you are going through?
  5. Does it feel like you have been waiting your whole life to meet this person?
  6. Do you share common yet independent goals with this person?
  7. Did you feel an immediate, intense connection with them the moment you met?
  8. Are your fights with that person more common and loud or more rare and subdued?
  • If you answered 1) yes, 3) yes, 6) yes, 7) yes, and 8) more common and loud, this person is more likely to be your twin flame.
  • If you answered 2) yes, 4) yes, 5) yes, 7) yes, and 8) more rare and subdued, this person is more likely to be your soulmate.
  • And yes, 7 is a trick question as it applies to both categories!

It might be the case that your answers do not fit either category. That is perfectly fine; while the person in question might be neither your soulmate nor your twin flame, that should not discourage you as in no book does it say that the love of your life needs to be your soulmate or twin flame.

It might also be the case that some of your answers apply to both the first and second category. That is somewhat ideal as it would mean you have met someone who fully understands you and wants to be close to you while still giving you space and understanding when your opinions differ.

To Wrap It All Up

While it is beautiful to believe that there is someone out there with the same experiences as you, or someone who is specifically hand-crafted for you, try not to become too obsessed with the idea of finding that person.

The fact is, one should not need or rely on anyone but himself or herself. The true path to finding someone good for you starts with understanding who you truly are and owning it, rather than regarding yourself as some who needs to be accepted or fixed. Accept yourself, love yourself, and the rest will follow suit …

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