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Boyfriend Jeans vs Mom Jeans: Whats the Difference?

Different jeans say a lot about the person wearing them. The cut, the color, and the size can all affect the overall look great.

Boyfriend jeans and Mom jeans have received a lot of recognition lately and the following article studies the differences between the two, along with other specific details on each.

What is the Main Difference Between the Two?

The main difference between Mom jeans and Boyfriend jeans is the cut. While mom jeans are wide, their feet are relatively tight. Boyfriend jeans, however, are much baggier than mom jeans and remain wide near the ankles.

Mom jeans also tend to be shorter than boyfriend jeans; mom jeans are usually folded up below the calves whereas boyfriend jeans are flowier and cover the entire leg.

There are a few other differences between the two, which brings us to the following table.

Mom Jeans Boyfriend Jeans
Baggy near the back and thighs Baggy legs all over
Shorter Legs Longer Legs
Tighter around the ankles Wider around the ankles
Higher, tighter waist to give shape Lower, straighter waist, shapeless

Are Boyfriend Jeans Flattering? What About Mom Jeans?

These jeans’ names are actually significant as the actual pants fit the ‘Mom’ and ‘Boyfriend’ titles.

Mom jeans are higher wasted and emphasize a woman’s curves especially if she has a voluptuous figure. But they do not do so in an uncomfortable manner – moms normally prioritize physical comfort over physical shape, and Mom jeans serve that purpose precisely.

Boyfriend jeans, on the other hand, draw no attention to figure at all.

They are pretty much shapeless to give them a more masculine look, as men tend to wear less body-revealing clothes than women. Male jeans tend to have low waists for mobility and longer cuts, as it is not in style for men to show the base of their legs.

Boyfriend jeans are also loose around the crotch area – that is a desirable quality in men’s jeans (for obvious reasons 😊).

We can safely deduce that while both are not the most flattering jean cuts, Mom jeans are much more flattering than Boyfriend jeans. The former is at least made to fit the female figure; Boyfriend jeans are an attempt at women’s jeans that look like a pair of pants borrowed from a boyfriend.

Despite that, pairing boyfriend jeans with crop tops can highlight the lines of a woman’s waist. The wide cut emphasizes hourglass figures as well.

Mom jeans can also be made appealing by tucking in the shirt, allowing the contrast between the flat shirt underneath the tight waist and the wide-area near the top of the pants to bring out the behind’s curves.

The last note would be to pay attention to the length and size of those jeans.

Short Mom jeans can make a woman look stout and somewhat thick, just as baggy Boyfriend jeans could make women look much tinier than they truly are.

What is the Difference between Mom Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans, and Girlfriend Jeans?

We have already claimed that Boyfriend jeans try to copy what a pair of jeans borrowed from your boyfriend would look like.

This cut gave birth to girlfriend jeans; while girlfriend jeans have a similar overall shape as boyfriend jeans, they are tighter and hug a woman’s body to emphasize her curves.

Girlfriend jeans also tend to have higher waists than Boyfriend jeans, making them more similar to Mom jeans.

Hence, we can say that Girlfriend jeans are a combination of the two. Looking for comfortable, wide pants that also emphasize your figure, go for Girlfriend jeans!

Are Straight Jeans the Same as Mom Jeans?

We can consider Mom jeans to be a sub-category of Straight Jeans.

The only particular feature of straight jeans is that they are – you guessed it – straight. Mom jeans are straight, however, they are baggier than the average straight jeans, providing added comfort and mobility.

Straight jeans tend to make legs look longer, as there is no shape-fitting and no curves that intervene with the outline of the pants.

Mom jeans can have that effect too; however, the length chosen plays a crucial role in determining that.

What Types of Bodies are Mom Jeans More Suited For? What about Boyfriend Jeans?

The nice thing about Boyfriend jeans is that they can be worn by all body types.

Plus-size women who desire to appear smaller in size tend to go for Boyfriend jeans as they hide their (beautiful) folds and layers.

Shorter women should also consider this type of jeans as it extends towards the very last centimeter of their legs, contrary to Mom jeans that make you look somewhat shorter.

Mom jeans look better on women with narrower waists given the cinched waist of the cut. This does not mean the woman should be skinny, only that it is better if her waist is relatively smaller than her buttocks and chest curves.

What Jeans Does Jennifer Anniston Wear?

Jennifer Anniston, a fashion icon brought to life by the American sitcom, FRIENDS, has been known to wear different types of good-looking jeans.

She loves pairing skinny jeans with high heels and Mom jeans with sneakers. She is usually linked to Rag & Bone jeans and has made it clear to all of us that jeans do not always have to be casual.

Which Jeans Are Most in Style Today?

Boyfriend jeans have been very trendy, especially with petite girls who dig the “tight shirt-baggy pants” duo. Celebrities like Billie Eilish, who only recently became comfortable with showing off her body, had previously relied heavily on Boyfriend jeans and pants with such cuts, paired with oversized t-shirts or sweaters.

This look makes it impossible to determine the shape of the body underneath. This also serves the purpose of the recent body positivity movement which called out all brands that do not make suitable jeans for bigger women.

Today, brands aim to provide comfortable and fitting clothing for all body types.

Practicality always wins, and Mom jeans are guaranteed to be the most practical jeans you can own. You can wear them with baggy or tight shirts, sneakers, or high heels.

You can wear them to events where you want to show off your long legs, or to movie night with the neighbors where you just want comfort. Their wide usage range has placed them among the trendiest cuts today.

Distressed jeans are also very common today and are even worn by men. The scattered rips here and there show off slight skin, which could be very attractive.

Fully ripped jeans have also surfaced, where most of the knee and the quadrilaterals show. These styles are usually pulled off by rappers, skateboarders, or hip-hop dancers – they were made for the pop culture.

Last but not least, bootcut jeans. Also known as “patties d’éléphant” (literally translating to elephant feet), these pants are narrow at the top, flattering the right parts of a female’s legs (thighs and buttocks) before drastically widening below the knees into a flare.

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